Northeastern Biennial 2015

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Check out some pictures from the Northeastern Biennial 2015. I was fortunate enough to have three pieces accepted into the exhibition. I would like to send a hearty thanks out to Sarah Shiner and Paul Burke for installing the wall painting, DEATH Logo, pictured below.

Here is a description of the exhibition: Northeastern Biennial Twenty Fifteen is the largest recurring art exhibit held in Lackawanna County; it comprises work presented in four venues which will play host to hundreds of works of art by area artists.  The Northeastern Biennial Twenty Fifteen provides the community a look at the current state of contemporary art in Scranton and surrounding communities.” 

During the opening reception, my two assistants, Kyra Dosch-Klemer and Sarah Shiner, inconspicuously and slowly removed several pieces of the silkscreen series, Defeated/Amputees (WAR) from the wall and began handing them out to some very lucky opening reception attendees. To our utter amazement, one woman turned it down! And then some people walked up to the wall and began removing the tiles themselves! At one point it was somewhat chaotic until Kyra and Sarah set them straight. Thanks Kyra and Sarah!

Click here for more images of other artwork in the exhibition.




Removing_First_Tile-SarahSarah removing the first panel.

Wall_PaintingThe wall painting revealed. Thanks Sarah and Paul!

Happy_RecipientA delighted free artwork recipient.


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