Sordoni Pics PART 4

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The first two pieces in this post have only appeared at one other venue (completed in August 2015) and the final piece is brand new. Read below for details:

Photograph of pages 84-85 of Martin Heidegger from Disney’s ‘The Wonderful World of Philosophy series
attributed to Paul LeMay and Jennifer Gordon. The Wonderful World of Philosophy Vol. 12: Martin Heidegger. New York: Random House, 1978.  •  Inkjet print  •  2015
(thank you Abby Braman for your help on this!)

Original photograph appearing in frame (above)

P5-3 The Little Mermaid  •  floor installation: clear vinyl, acrylic, inkjet prints, and 3D anaglyph glasses  •  2015
Also appearing in photo: pedestal with 3D glasses stand and original newspaper article from the Pocono Record that served as the inspiration for the installation.

Note: In order to fully experience this piece, you must view it through 3D glasses to reveal the photograph underneath. Photograph is attributed to Lindsay Godin.


PANEL-20Detail of one panel of the digitally printed pattern appearing on the surface of The Little Mermaid floor installation.

No Accountability  •  black and white gloss acrylic paint on wall  •  2015

As with the DEATH logo, most of the painting on the wall is only visible from certain angles when the light hits at a certain angle.


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