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The one project that has taken up most of my extra time and energy is SITE. I served as chair of the development team and am now the chair of the Advisory Board and head of the marketing team. So, what is SITE?

“SITE encompasses multiple cross-disciplinary spaces that consolidates the efforts of all ESU constituents to make scholarship, innovation, teaching, application of new technology, and entrepreneurship easier, more efficient, and cost-effective.

SITE’s main mission is to harness the power of collaboration and creativity in a concerted effort to facilitate all campus initiatives, big and small.”

Realizing that specialization will no longer pave the path to the future, SITE hopes to establish precedents for cross-disciplinary knowledge and experiences; something our students will need to survive in the future.

Here are some of my designs from the recently launched SITE branding campaign. The GIF animation is a collaboration between myself, Luis Vidal, and ESU Art + Design student Matthew Jimenez.









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