Stroudsburg Area Map Room Project (cont.)

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  Check it out:

Ah Pook & other stories: The Myth of Individuality

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Below are two images of one of my newest pieces, a drawing-print installation titled: The Myth of Individuality, my first collaboration with one of the newest members of The MMXII Collective, Dr. Timothy Connolly. Thanks, Tim! The piece consists of the framed print on the pedestal in the foreground, one drawing, and 45 photocopies of that ...

Ah Pook & other stories: WWSMD?

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WWSMD? 11-part photograph series; a collaboration with two other long-time members of The MMXII Collective,  Lindsay Godin and Kyra Dosch-Klemer, with free bumper stickers!

Ah Pook & other stories: Defeated/Amputees (WAR)

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Here are pics of an old favorite (almost five years old now!), titled Defeated/Amputees (WAR), from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series. The first image shows the piece in all its glory, and the two succeeding images show the piece after the vandalism incident that occurred just one or two days before the opening reception. After ...

Sordoni Pics PART 4

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The first two pieces in this post have only appeared at one other venue (completed in August 2015) and the final piece is brand new. Read below for details: Photograph of pages 84-85 of Martin Heidegger from Disney’s ‘The Wonderful World of Philosophy series attributed to Paul LeMay and Jennifer Gordon. The Wonderful World of Philosophy ...