Acryclic paint and graphite on wall
Assistants: Sofia Belinskaya (left), Raleigh Strott (right)

324"w x 120"h
Photo credits: Images #1-5 - David Mazure, Image #6 - Peter Vanderwarker

Installed at the New Art Center in Newtown, MA as part of the M(i)(A)cro: A Contemporary Drawing Exhibition.

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M(i)(A)cro: A Contemporary Drawing Exhibition
Curated by David Mazure
Exhibition Statement

What is behind the perceived forces of the physical universe? What are the similarities and differences between the micro- and macro- cosmic universes? Can making marks on paper help unravel the conundrums of observed reality? That is what this group of six artists are attempting to uncover -- the essence of the invisible mysteries that the universe often allows us to ponder, through the act of drawing.

Though their processes may differ - from the obsessively analytical to the purely expressive - these six artists use the medium of drawing as a source of inquiry into matter, consciousness, and energy; often oscillating between clarity and chaos.

David Mazure is interested in what lies beyond human knowledge and the limitations of the human mind to acquire knowledge. He attempts to initiate a cerebral awareness of the concealed universe; the unknown, unexpected and unfathomed concepts of matter, space, and time. His imagery is not meant to soothe or placate, but to enhance the viewer’s recognition of material reality and what may logically exist in the unobservable spaces within and beyond it.

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